The Path to My Home

Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

In early October 2017, my BFF and I started taking Yoga classes regularly. When I say regularly I mean almost every weekday morning. We just loved how relaxed and loose our bodies felt afterward. I particularly liked it because it calmed my anxiety/anger/impatience. I have issues lol.

Yoga became almost an addiction for me. I thought about it constantly, I found myself always reading about it and their Gods and symbols, listening to their music even! Yeah I know (NOW), Yoga is sacrilege to Catholics, so I found Holy Yoga and that helped me refocus on Christ and not the other distractions.

When I started using this time to set my intentions toward God and used this time to pray, amazing things started to happen…

In April  I started to get this intense feeling that I needed to get back to Church and finish my Sacraments. I don’t want to call it a nagging feeling, but it pulled and pulled and pulled at me for a few weeks. It consumed my thoughts so intensely that it was all I thought about day and night.

The feeling wouldn’t go away, so I had no choice but to take it as a sign and ask what now? I didn’t belong to a Catholic Church, I know I didn’t want to join the Catholic Church in my town because I heard so many people mention the congregation wasn’t welcoming, which is NOT what I want when celebrating Christ on Sundays, or if I volunteer.

I can’t say that I prayed on it because I didn’t officially PRAY. I just asked internally which church? Where should I go?

A few days later I had a feeling I needed to log on to the internet and search churches near me. Of course, the first one to pop up was the church in my hometown so I kept on going down the list. Another one came up in a town next door and it just didn’t resonate with me… I wasn’t “looking” for anything specific, I wasn’t looking for something to turn me away. I just didn’t get the nudge so I kept reading down the list. The 4th Church was St. Anne’s Church. THAT WAS THE CHURCH! My entire body radiated with the goosebumps. I KNEW that was the one. I kept the information on St. Anne’s close by and let it rest for a few days juuuust to make sure it was a legit feeling and not some unexpected hormone flush lol.

A few days later I went back to the website and the first thing that jumped out at me was RCIA. I KNEW that was the place for me. I filled out the parishioner information and dropped it off the next morning after I dropped my son off at school. I felt like I was HOME immediately.

This is the first time in my life that I was so in tune with divine intervention, and it’s only gotten better since, but I still have one nagging question… Why?

Not that my question was ever answered up to this point, but one morning during the Gus Lloyd radio show he was talking about that day (July 26) being the Feast of St Anne. Anne is my Baptized name. So if one is looking for a sign, that’s about as close as I could get. God will reveal it to me at his time if there is an exact reason, but I’ll stick with it being a connection through the name. OH! what I also learned was that St. Anne is Mary’s mother! I NEVER knew that! Every day is a learning day!

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