A Vision

Habakkuk 2:2
And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

During, and since, my saint research I keep getting a vision of myself wearing a black chapel veil (one that doesn’t cover my face) at Sunday Mass. I also experienced  a “feeling” during this vision:

  1. Deep Love and respect for Jesus that I positively never experienced before in my life.
  2. Insecure because I know people are questioning the veil, why I’m wearing it and whispering amongst themselves.
  3. Modesty. A profound feeling of modesty.

What these visions and feelings mean, I have no idea. I may never know, but what I felt compelled to do was to read about veils and the Church.

Much to my astonishment veils date all the way back to The Bible:

1 Corinthians 11:4-16

And whereas any man who keep his head covered when he prays or utters prophecy brings shame upon his head, a woman brings shame upon her head if she uncovers it to pray or prophesy; she is no better than the woman who has her head shaved. If a woman would go without a veil, why does she not cut her hair short too if she admits that a woman is disgraced when her hair is cut short or shaved, then let her go veiled…Judge for yourselves; is it fitting that a woman should offer prayer to God unveiled? Does not nature itself teach you that, whereas it is a disgrace to a man to wear his hair long, when a woman grows her hair long, it is an added grace to her? That is because her hair has been given her to take the place of a veil.

Many argue that the sexual revolution and the feminist movement are what changed this time-honored tradition. One that I wish would be brought back. I think it’s a beautiful tradition personally. And as much as I am for the Church to be brought into more modern times, I think certain aspects of celebrating Mass should have remained or be brought back.

Wearing the veil doesn’t mean women are to bow down to men. NOT AT ALL! What it does signify is that which it covers is to be adored or respected. Think about that for a second. We veil (or cover) everything sacred in the Church! The Alter is veiled, the Tabernacle, and the Chalice! So WHY would veiling your head (for women) be a sexist or misogynistic move? It’s not. And much like today’s oversensationalizing of EVERYTHING in the news, this applies as well… it has ZERO to do with it. It’s a beautiful tradition. One that I may talk to Father Joe about when I see him before or after Mass this Sunday.

Anyway, The color of veils DOES have a meaning. Wearing the color black represents a married woman (or for funerals a woman in mourning). A white/ivory/cream colored one represents a pure woman. That is why brides wear a veil that color. There are colored veils used to represent the liturgical calendar or to even match your outfit! There are some absolutely gorgeous veils out there in the internet world. And I REALLY want one.

Tell me! Do you know anyone that veils for Church? Do you have anyone in your Parish that veils? I would LOVE to hear about it!


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