Is it a Calling?

In yesterday’s post about my first RCIA meeting, I mentioned that I had a “feeling” in the car on my way back from my kidney CT Scan.

I want to preface this with when I get “a call” from God to do something I usually get teary-eyed. The first time I noticed that was in the supermarket a few years ago. I was in the produce dept and this short elderly woman was trying so desperately to reach something much too high for her. I noticed her despair immediately and I ran over to get what it was she needed and offered to help get anything else for her while we were together. She cried and thanked me, and after that, I started to get teary-eyed when I went about my shopping. That was the first of a few instances since then that this has happened to me. Another time was when I was signing up for RCIA to name just one, you get the picture I’m sure.

So yesterday morning in the car I was listening to my favorite morning radio show, Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd on Sirius XM 129 and he was interviewing a woman that was a social worker/master counselor at this pregnancy support center in Missouri. What happens while I’m listening to her? That’s right! TEARY-EYED! Wow. That came out of left field. So now I have to “sit” on this some more and read and look at organizations in my area to see if I get pulled toward anything. I used to fight it with all I had because it didn’t FIT in with what I thought my life should be/have been, but now? I listen and I listen intently.

So tell me, my friend! Do you have a specific “feeling” when God is calling on you to do something? Is it tiny and almost unnoticeable? Or is it like mine, a physical change? Please tell me!


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