RCIA – The Pull and a Small Miracle

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. 

Romans 12:2

In yesterday’s post about RCIA – An Extended Season of Darkness, I spoke about having to put together my “life story” of how I arrived at RCIA. Today, I will continue with how RCIA came to materialize i.e., “The Pull”

It started about a year ago with Yoga. I was going almost week-daily with my BFF after we dropped the kids at school. I LOVE(D) it. I began to immerse myself into the goddesses, (especially the green goddess Tara because we share the same name!!!) their history and the music etc., but at the same time, it allowed me to calm my mind, and life and to be able to focus enough without my mind going in 50 different directions an hour.

About 6 months into my Yoga experience that’s when the pull started happening. HE was putting going back to Church in my heart. I fought it for a tiny bit because I didn’t know “at the time” he was starting to work in me. After a few weeks, the feeling became more intense and I asked Him “Where?”. I knew the church local to me wasn’t it because their congregation isn’t very welcoming and I need warmth or I won’t get involved. He knows that about me. He kept directing my internet searches to St. Anne’s! I looked through their site and saw everything that this Church was about and it really warmed my heart. I KNEW that was the one! I felt it in my bones! What stood out most of all was RCIA on their website. Now, this is the first time I had ever seen this program, but I was being pulled to read about it and get the ball rolling.

Within the next couple of days, I printed out my parishioner and RCIA applications and brought them to the rectory. Very welcoming and kind and friendly. I felt at peace with my decision, I was happy and content.

I called my Dad and told him I signed up for RCIA and joined a Church. He was elated and almost brought to tears. He told me he had been praying the Rosary daily for DECADES to get me back into the Church and complete my Sacraments. Well, I guess our Blessed Mother Mary’s intervention granted my Dad’s prayers. In my opinion to save his own soul. My Dad needs this to happen just as much as I do.

The following Sunday I attended my first Mass. Before Mass started Father Joe was greeting people in the pews (which is nothing I had ever experienced in any of the Churches I attended in the past). I introduced myself and my son to Father Joe and I just felt this very calming but excited happy feeling come over me.

During the Mass I had the chills, goosebumps from head to toe, (I even think my hair was standing on end lol), I was almost brought to tears and I was simply just moved. Not because they did anything extravagant, no it was just being there that brought this on. I spoke to my GF on the west coast who is my sister in Christ and I told her what had happened and she told me “You’re Home”. EXCELLENT! God made a decision, put it in my heart, I followed through and he let me feel that power and happiness and contentment just for following through! I’m liking where this is going!

2 weeks later, on a Thursday in Yoga class, I was faced with a health crisis. It subsided and I attended Sunday’s Mass only to have it rear it’s ugly head as I was sitting in the pew waiting for Mass to start. Father Joe had me sit in a quiet room and had the Church nurse see me. It subsided just long enough for me to drive myself home. For a few weeks after that, and seeing my doctors, it subsided, but not without affecting my Mass attendance for the next few weeks.

I fought my way back to Mass, and because I was nervous from the last time I attended, my dormant panic decided to accompany me to Mass one morning. I fought and fought and fought and when I was just too tired to fight anymore I took The Host, went back to my pew and prayed fervently. As I bit down on The Host I asked God “please take this affliction away with Your Body”. Within moments it all subsided and I felt at peace and “normal” again. That brought me to tears. I wanted to break down, but I kept it together. Mass isn’t about me it’s about all of us and celebrating Christ and I didn’t want to take away from that. But boy oh boy did I want to shout it from the rooftops! A MIRACLE! RIGHT HERE IN SUNDAY MASS!

That experience alone solidified my Faith in Christ. I’m in it. Nothing and no one, not even Satan is going to take this from me.

I shared this story with my GF (long backstory with her, maybe one day I’ll tell it, it’s quite interesting) and because of this, she joined her parish from years ago and now attends Church. She told me I “inspired her”. That really made me feel good inside. She mentioned she wanted to be my sponsor but I had already asked my Dad. She was ok with it so I made her my honorary back up sponsor and she is in charge of making sure I stay on track and I look nice when I make my Confirmation. I also told her she can be my Maid of Honor when I remarry my husband after I make Confirmation, fulfilling all of our Sacraments in the Catholic Church. We decided that on our 10 year anniversary (which will be one year after I make Confirmation) we will remarry in the Church to keep our Wedding day the same day. I’m really excited about that!

So please tell me, my friend! Have you ever witnessed or experienced an almost immediate miracle when asked for? No someone who has? Have you been married outside of the Church and then remarried in the Church? Please tell me in the comments! I would love to hear your story!

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