He’s a Big ‘Ole Meanie

At least that is how I used to relate to God “The Punisher”. I’m serious! Back when I was growing up (the 70’s) it was “taught” that you can’t do this and you can’t do that because God will rain hellfire on you and curse your children and their children and their great grandchildren.. you get my point.

So every time something went south in my life, I would blame him and curse him and turn my back on him like he did me. He was punishing me for things my ancestors might have done.

Was I wrong to think that? Meh. If you read the Old Testament books I’m not far off, but I didn’t know any better. This is what I was taught more or less, but something somewhere shifted. I don’t know when or where or how, but somewhere along my arduous life-journey I stopped with that perception about God and started to thank Him for all of my blessings. I guess maybe it happened around after I married my husband? Like I said I don’t’ recall the exactness of it.

Last Monday night in RCIA class it was again revealed to us that God is not a big ‘ole meanie that’s out to get me, but a loving Father that gave up his only Son for me, for us, for all of humanity so that we may all reunite with our Father in His heavenly home.

Now instead of cursing the Man, I praise Him. I glorify Him, I thank Him for every single piece of dust that I vacuum, for every red light I have to stop at (albeit begrudgingly lol).

With all of this new knowledge couple of things came into play since last Monday night:

I went to Thanksgiving Mass at my Church. Both Father Colin and Father Joe were present, with Fr. Colin giving the homily. Now, when I say comedy act, it was just that, it was light-hearted and funny! I hope those two never leave the Church to take their act on the road it was that good, but I digress. The basis of his homily, of course, was “giving thanks”. He wants us to list 1000 (ONE THOUSAND) things we are thankful/grateful for. He wanted us to get it done by Mass on Sunday if you even took him seriously, but he was dead serious. He told us that yesterday at Mass! lol! He did say he will give us some grace and wants us to have it done by the new year. I have 35 days from today to get this done. If I did my math correctly that’s roughly 28.5 things per day. I can do this! Can you? How about if I challenge you? Let’s do this! Come up with 1000 things you are thankful/grateful for by midnight December 31, 2018. Hashtag it with #1000things2018

If you would like to listen to his re-recorded homily (not the stand-up comedy night version) which is just as good but more serious you can do so here: 1000 Things

The other happened last night. I wanted to watch The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson) so I looked it up on Prime Video and they had it, but to rent and I didn’t want to rent a sub-titled movie so I went to Youtube. Man, they have that locked down lol! I remember not too long ago when you could find any movie for free on youtube. NOT ANY MORE! What I did find was The Life of JesusIt was told through John and is literally word for word of the Book of John. I’m only half-way through as it’s 3 hours, but again, the story is not about God the Punisher, but the Jews play the part of the Old Testament beliefs and Moses laws etc. If you’ve read the book of John you would take note of that when Jesus has run-ins with the Pharisees. I am loving this movie because it’s so to the Book (I had my Bible on my lap going along with the movie) and since I am a visual person, its helping me remember this Book (I hope that there are more like this with other Books). The message I’m seeing with Jesus in the Book of John is that His Father loves. He sent his only Son to die for us! He basically made the ultimate Sacrifice for us! As a parent, I can say that if that is not true love than I don’t know what is.

John 6:32
So Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, it was not Moses who gave the bread from heaven; my Father gives you the true bread from heaven.

So, tell me! Do you or did you ever view God as “The Punisher”? If you did what made you change your perspective? Please tell me in the comments! Also! Don’t forget about the challenge #1000things2018.


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