Advent 2018

Since this is the first Advent that I’m actually following/celebrating I thought I would start changing the anticipation of Christmas a tad for my 6-year-old son. Let’s face it, its just a matter of time when someone at his school ruins the magic of Santa, and while I’m not really big into the commercialization of Christmas, I feel it’s now time to get him more Christ-focused since he’s better able to understand now.

Money is tight this year, as it is for most people anymore, so I went on Pinterest to find some cheap or free ideas to help me help him this Advent. I wasn’t disappointed that’s for sure!!!

With the help of a free printable over at Happy Home Fairy, some rocks, a wood board I had for a project I started but haven’t completed and some of my son’s toys, I was able to put together an Advent calendar of sorts.

Instead of having the traditional calendars where you get a treat for opening a door or envelope or punching a piece of paper out, this is about the journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem. Every day Mary and Joseph move one rock and there is a verse that tells the story for that day. Here are some photos of my creation! Feel free to use it for your kiddos if you have any! It’s free and easy and my son LOVES to move them one space every day and read the verse (thank you God for his education).


I think I’m going to make a little manger as well… I have so much wood from my son’s Tae Kwon Do board breaking classes and I have a nice sized Nativity set that needs a manger as well. LOL! I might even give Mary and Joseph some more period-appropriate clothing lol! I’ll post pics in another post of the manger and clothing so stay-tuned.

At Mass today they gave out little bags of straw. “It’s a fun way to understand the concept of the empty manger.” Here’s a photo of the instructions:


I think I may incorporate this with the 25 random acts of kindness this year. I’m a couple of days behind but we can quickly make that up by doing more than one a day.

So tell me! Do you do anything for Advent? If you have kids what do you do with them? Please share your stories! I love to hear about other people! Please tell me in the comments below!



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